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The Winners List

The listed winners have already been notified and their prizes have been shipped. The updates are added in chronological order based on the closing of a drawing. You haven't made it on this list yet? Keep entering!

  1. 4b66d12eed

    Win an Argo Tea Gift Set!

    Ended: Jan 27th, 2014

    • Congratulations michelle k. from RI!
    • Congratulations Alexandra P. from TX!
    • Congratulations Annamarie V. from WA!
    • Congratulations Debra R. from ME!
    • Congratulations Kelly Y. from FL!
    • Congratulations Robin S. from TX!
    • Congratulations Gary L. from OR!
    • Congratulations Ellsworth S. from PA!
    • Congratulations millie b. from DE!
    • Congratulations Stella C. from AL!
  2. 8fe64300c4

    Win a Dove Fitness Prize Package!

    Ended: Jan 25th, 2014

    • Congratulations Karen B. from KY!
  3. 582391b278

    Win a TEMPUR-Breeze Pillow!

    Ended: Jan 28th, 2014

    • Congratulations Linda T. from MO!
    • Congratulations Danielle C. from MI!
    • Congratulations deborah c. from IL!
    • Congratulations DEB K. from IL!
    • Congratulations judy b. from WI!
    • Congratulations john b. from CA!
  4. Aada3977dc

    Win an XSPIN Exercise Accessory!

    Ended: Jan 28th, 2014

    • Congratulations Adam C. from WI!
    • Congratulations James J. from NY!
  5. 305f573654

    Win a stay at the Pelican Grand Beach Resort!

    Ended: Jan 20th, 2014

    • Congratulations Ryang K. from IA!
  6. 0a6e79a0d7

    Win a $200 Credit to SureFit.com!

    Ended: Feb 4th, 2014

    • Congratulations Renee P. from PA!
  7. Ec76b36bef

    Win "14 Pies of 2014" from Marie Callender's!

    Ended: Jan 19th, 2014

    • Congratulations Tammy M. from TX!
  8. 0db13e5dff

    Win a Baggallini Travel Handbag Set!

    Ended: Jan 27th, 2014

    • Congratulations DONNALYNN L. from VT!
    • Congratulations Susan D. from PA!
  9. Cd58a3ad8c

    Win Tickets to See Katy Perry in Concert!

    Ended: Jan 30th, 2014

    • Congratulations Lisa D. from TX!
  10. 5d85625372

    Win an Ssmart Dynamo Fitness Bracelet!

    Ended: Jan 28th, 2014

    • Congratulations Catherine T. from IL!
    • Congratulations anastasia h. from OH!
  11. 336da30350

    Win a Flat-screen TV & Despicable Me 2!

    Ended: Jan 13th, 2014

    • Congratulations Kathy A. from MO!
  12. 96a5678655

    Win a Year's Supply of Products from Tyson Foods!

    Ended: Jan 20th, 2014

    • Congratulations Ron P. from IA!
    • Congratulations Jaime M. from FL!
    • Congratulations Susan J. from TX!
    • Congratulations Janet from WA!
  13. 872825087e

    Win an Olay Gorgeous Holiday Gift Pack!

    Ended: Jan 21st, 2014

    • Congratulations Donna K. from MO!
    • Congratulations michelle g. from PA!
    • Congratulations Irene M. from NJ!
    • Congratulations Peggy K. from OK!
  14. 9f20e46650

    Win a Diaper Bag by The Bumble Collection!

    Ended: Jan 24th, 2014

    • Congratulations Carla T. from MD!
  15. 6d98828db2

    Win a Gift Wrapping Kit from Scotch Tape!

    Ended: Jan 20th, 2014

    • Congratulations Diane W. from OH!
    • Congratulations Joel S. from PA!
    • Congratulations esther h. from NY!
    • Congratulations Diane M. from HI!
    • Congratulations Mary R. from NY!
  16. 38e45cf09f

    Win Logitech Bluetooth Speakers!

    Ended: Jan 21st, 2014

    • Congratulations Cynthia K. from MI!
  17. 8a8a07f5f2

    Win the Santa's Secret Workshop Gift Bag!

    Ended: Jan 22nd, 2014

    • Congratulations tammy p. from NC!
  18. Bb0b8b5011

    Win a gift bag from the American Country Awards!

    Ended: Jan 22nd, 2014

    • Congratulations Kathleen O. from PA!
  19. 719e2283ae

    Win "Best of Dance Moms" on DVD!

    Ended: Dec 27th, 2013

    • Congratulations Jon P. from WA!
    • Congratulations Kelly B. from MN!
    • Congratulations Thelma H. from GA!
    • Congratulations Cherryl V. from NM!
    • Congratulations randy f. from TN!
  20. Ab164672f5

    Win a signed copy of "True Blood: Steve Newlin’s Field Guide to Vampires"!

    Ended: Jan 23rd, 2014

    • Congratulations Yvette M. from FL!

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